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So much so that she awoke a few times and edged, desperately wanting to cum but being a good girl and holding off like her master instructed her to do.

When it was time to start her day she edged once more in bed, moaning while rubbing her engorged clit and fingering her aching pussy.

She was a very attractive, sexy and naughty younger woman while I'm about twice her age with a love of beautiful, uninhibited women.

We chatted initially every few days about what we each enjoyed sexually and what brought us to this website.

Oh my god can that girl take a humping and she obviously loves it and loves her dog as well very possible the best video I have ever seen.

The dog definitely knows what to do with her pussy and she really likes it.

She went to sl**p that night resting her fingertips on her eager, soaking wet pussy......Slipping a finger inside her wetness almost drove her crazy with passion but she was eager to taste herself before heading out for the day.Her skirt rode up as she got in her car and when pulling out onto the street she noticed the mailman give her a smile, realizing at that point she had inadvertently flashed him.She bent over in front of a mirror as she slipped on her thigh high stockings and boots master had told her to wear.While she was bending over she peeked at her swollen, aching pussy and noticed a trail of her juices leaking out and running down her inner thigh.She continued to tease her clit while picking out clothing for the day.Excited about hopefully chatting with me later on she dressed as told, picking out a cute, sexy, short, mid-thigh skirt and loose button up blouse.He is obviously her beloved pet as well as her sex partner. But with a dog like that why would she even want a man.I never thought I would catch myself envying a dog, but I sure envy that one. I sure like the way she takes it missionary position with him right up in her face talking to him and encouraging him.Unfortunately I was busy and unable to get in touch with her.I could have spared a few moments but didn't want to waste what would be a good experience for both of us so I made her wait as it also gave me a chance to test her patience.


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