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Satans attacks on dating christians

When these evil thoughts come against us over and over again, that is not natural. When the enemies choose to attack with that strategy, you or I will notice that the thoughts keep coming and it can be quite hard sometimes to get them to stop.The thoughts from the demonic world can even have a little more force behind them than when we simply think about a topic.We are doing this by either sinning, or thinking UN godly and UN biblical thoughts!We can also do this by speaking UN godly, acting UN godly, looking at UN godly things, hearing UN godly things and many other ways too!

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I remember a while ago being woken up at about 3am in the morning by an evil spirit.He was on the right side of my bed close to my right ear.For the next few hours he kept talking to me over and over and over again about playing a specific online game.on the other hand wants us to be FREE in Christ JESUS.GOD wants our thoughts to be free from bondage, free from lies, free from strongholds, free from pain and oppression, free from all that is UN biblical.wants us to read the Holy bible so HE can help transform our thoughts into the CHRIST like thoughts that lead to life, lead to love, lead to joy, lead to freedom and eventually lead to Paradise for eternity!At first I didn’t know that I was under a spiritual attack. As they continued non stop for a while, I started to realize what was happening.Well on this specific night, thought after thought after thought came crashing against my mind, just like huge waves crashing on the beach.Those evil thoughts will lead us to depression, sadness, loneliness, rejection, self condemnation, lusts of every kind, suicidal thoughts and deep despair!Of course GOD in in full control of this battle, and of course GOD loves you.And once we start doing that, the enemies strategy that he is using against us will start to work.There have been other times though, where I have commanded the demon to leave me and he would not leave.


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