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Conclusion ~~~~~~~~~~ Although the use of alien firmware invalidates the warranty and might have trashed the box, there is some improvement in operation with the Ross/Telsky hybrid. Presumably, you just insert the USB drive with the Ross software?

It sounds as if the Telsky firmware is a little more advanced than the Ross one, which seems mainly to have been issued for channel updates. I've only played a little, but had problems with playback, from severe audio sync loss to complete loss of the HD AC3 audio (though it plays back on a PC, as stereo).

On powering up, the new firmware is loaded automatically.

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At which point you'll have to switch off at the back, switch on again and hope for the best.

-- John L Hello John & all, I hope you dont mind if I jump in and ask you if you can help with this? This may also happen on other channels that I have not yet tried. Barry Hello John & all, I hope you dont mind if I jump in and ask you if you can help with this? Will this receiver be affected by Of Con's decision to allow the BBC and other UKof GB&NI broadcasters to encrypt the EPG data stream for their HD transmissions? Can you tell me how to turn of the AD (Audio Description) while watching BBC HD?

After all, Of Con have declared that this decision "would deliver greater benefits to citizens and consumers." Hello John & all, I hope you dont mind if I jump in and ask you if you can help with this?

I scanned the Astra 19E satellite (after re-pointing the dish - I don't have switching, yet) and found it also picked up a lot of encrypted or blank channels, though I'm sure I'd set it for FTA.

Only a couple actually had a subscription "$" label.


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