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Handicapped person dating sites

So ......I have a disability i am deaf in my left ear, vanity and some peoples ignorance prevents me wearing my hearing aid, i have found in the past whilst wearing my aid that some have a negative attitude towards me, I am far from different nor stupid as some may think.

Larrson..^^^^^ speaks for itself really doesn't it!!

They DONT need anyone's pity, I for one wouldn't dream of treating my friends differently, they are ALL the same.

I'm not registered disabled but like quite a few on here have a well dodgy back problem and which also stops me from working.

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Just googled "disabled dating sites" and found 1,220,000 sites so there is plenty for them too. I have three faves on here with varying disabilities and one of the guys was at the last Birmingham meet...... Larrson don't you think that segragating disabled people like that is Victorian and a draconian way to think... And why assume only disabled people would want to date disabled people??? I used to go out with a girl with a prosthectic leg called Elsa and she was lovely and she cheated on me with someone else and broke my heart a bit but I am ok now and feeling better and she never did tell me what she called the other leg I love you if you read this but not as much as I used to I am registered disabled, I do say in my profile that I have a disabilty too. so looks or disability should not come into it really. lol------------------------------------------------------------------------------------maybe they just keep the wheelchair out of shot on their main pic?I would love to see any of those who found humour in this subject live one single day in my brother or my fathers body and see how funny they found it then......There is nowhere on this site that asks if you have a disability and that is right and proper..Why dose someone with a disability have to join a disabled dating siteif there looking for friends or even something more god forbid like love?It amazes me that were nearly in the year 2007 but some peoplesattitudes and opinions are still stuck in the 1950's..I can not walk the distance of the prom,not only that I am half legless before we go in the pub so I reckon that just about evens it up. My last main Photo taken in Sept of this year at the poolsidebar at the Hotel I stayed at in Greece ( Rhodes) I walked there on my crutch, not sure if I walked back to my room though. The word disability covers a very large spectrum of handicaps, from being slightly deaf , colour blind, to the other end of the scale with people who sadly are severely handicapped but I,m quie sure 60/70 or more percent of handicapped folk date just as we all do, or are looking for that special someone , that is unless they have found someone already, this thread seems to be singleing out people with disabilities as different or undatable and the truth is they are no different to the rest of us !!I've come across disabled people on this site....of which i speak to all the time!!! He's more 'able' than most 'able bodied' people!!!!!....everyone has a right to love and be loved..to want to share their life with someone special....i can understand in this world, where people judge a book by it's cover!!!!...the disabled may decide only disclose their disability to a person/or people, when they felt comfortable....i don't see this as deceit, as they have the right to be judge first and foremost as a person, and not by their disability......yes, before anyone asks....... Its no surprise that disabled people arent comfortable mentioning theirdisability openly around here going by a couple of posts on this thread.A lot of the disabled dating sites are not good, and trust me there are some weirdos on some of them. (Not weirdos) lol But like someone says in this post disabled dont always date disabled. Maybe I could get to meet heather Mills and nail her for some of that divorce settlement thats on her way to her^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Talk about small minded people.. I hope my son don't face any of you that think Disabled people should be singled out...I have and will continue to talk to all my friends that are "special people".they are more tuned into the real world than most.


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