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Les affrontements ont eu lieu lorsque les responsables de la sécurité du campus ont voulu empêcher les étudiants grévistes de bloquer l’accès au site.

Les violences ont fait 19 blessés chez les agents de sécurité, a indiqué Ana Guadalupe, une des responsables de l’université.

Le Vay obtained brain tissue from autopsies performed at seven hospitals in New York and California.

His study included 19 homosexual men, 16 men presumed heterosexual, and six women presumed heterosexual.

“A certain brain structure could be a predisposition to homosexual behavior that requires a certain environment to be expressed,” she says.

Fuente: Publicado en California, Canada, Cerebro, GLBTT, Hamilton, Hipotalamo, Instituto de Holandes para Investiaciones del Cerebro, Instituto Salk para Estudios Biologicos, Neurobiologia, Nueva York, Ontario, Orientacion Sexual, Psicologia, Salud, San Diego, Sandra F.

The size difference remained statistically significant whether or not the subjects died of AIDS, ruling out the possibility that it resulted from the disease, he says.

“This proves that you can study sexual orientation at the biological level,” Le Vay asserts.

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“Le pays rejette (les actions) de ce groupe de personnes, souvent encagoulées qui ont agressé nos agents désarmés dont l’unique fonction est de garder les portes” de l’université, a dit Mme Guadalupe.

The finding supports a theory that biological factors underlie sexual orientation, although it remains unclear whether the anatomical variation represents a cause or result of homosexuality, says neurobiologist Simon Le Vay, who describes the study in the Aug. Le Vay, of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, found that a particular cluster of cells in the forefront of the hypothalamus was, on average, less than half as large in the brains of homosexual men as in their heterosexual counterparts.

Although scientists have yet to identify the precise function of the clump, called the interstitial nuclei of the anterior hypothalamus 3 (INAH 3), the hypothalamus is known as the seat of the emotions and sexual drives.

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