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Blake lewis dating

It was an interesting experience you know, dealing with the secret service and meeting Michelle, you know it was great. It depends on what kind of venue I’m doing and what kind of show I’m doing.Because I’m kind of a chameleon when it comes to performing because I do my dance album so it’s more club based, I’m usually doing more clubs and then I have my singer/songwriter stuff, which has a whole different audience. I thought it was fun, she’s a fun addition but nobody replaces Paula in my eyes because when I was on American Idol I got to experience Paula you know, everyone else is experiencing something totally different.Yeah I do, I mean well it’s not the same show without her you know and now Simon is leaving too.It’s definitely a notch down, it’s not going to be the same show.We broke up about five years ago then we got back together, well it was the end of last year 2008/2009.Sad Song that was like right after I had broke up with her. Europe has always had control on the dance floor, they’re much happier over there you know. It’s all about getting the right mixes out there, that’s why I love dance music as well because it’s a very remixed culture, each mix works in its own location. I do a lot of work with children’s hospital in Seattle; I’ve been doing that for ten years, singing at the Ronald Mc Donald house, I do a lot of cancer charities.“Miranda’s enjoying reconnecting with her girlfriends.” The star painted a less upbeat picture of her post-divorce existence in Cosmopolitan’s January issue. Some of that might mean nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey, and going, ' Man this sucks right now.' I don't necessarily want to know that I have really bad, long, lonely nights ahead of me, but I have had some, and I still have a bunch ahead of me,” she said.Lambert and Shelton, who dated for six years before tying the knot in 2011, announced their divorce in a joint statement to the Associated Press July 20: "This is not the future we envisioned.

I was raised by great parents and I have a bunch of friends who are gay and I’ve never cared. I’d love to crossover to pop just because Heartbreak on Vinyl went to number one a couple of weeks ago.

It was the first gigs I was actually nervous performing at.

The ladies of congress have this luncheon once a year and Julia Reichert, who is the wife of Dave Reichert our congressman from Washington state got to put it on so it was all thing’s Washington based and she chose me to perform and I did three songs and I taught them all how to beat-box, so I got to teach Michelle how to beat-box.

I hope the people who have seen me still come out to my shows and enjoy my performances but the best thing is when people who haven’t ever heard of me come up to me afterwards and say man I have to go out and get your record because they had a fun time with me on stage.

It’s great because globally I’m known for this television show I was on but at the same time it’s a double edged sword because they only saw me on television and some people may not have checked me out after seeing me on television, you get kind of characterized, not considered a musician, you have to kind of keep constantly proving yourself. Actually I was just back there I guess the top five and I actually watched American Idol this season and he gave me a great compliment he actually remembered a lot of the songs I remembered on my season and he said that my song choices were some of his favorites out of this whole thing.


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  2. Jul 24, 2007 Blake Lewis Has a Girlfriend American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis leaves nightclub Les Deux, snuggling up with a female friend and leaving with her this.

  3. Feb 22, 2008 No they're not. Blake has said in very many interviews that it is not true. He has said that Jordin is a very good friend of his, and he thinks she is.

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