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Digital copies of the band's concerts continue to sell briskly via i Tunes and fan sites, while a Hollywood biopic about Garcia is in the works, and a pair of Deadhead marketing experts have just released a book that posits the band as an ideal model for marketing in the Internet age.

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When your roommates are around, you will frequent sleazy motels, where the front desk staff begins to nod knowingly at you, almost certainly in the presumption that you are a prostitute.

Eventually, you will end up in therapy with men whose wives caught them with professional dominatrixes or who frittered away their life savings at strip clubs.

You'll wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you are tempted to have eye sex with a guy on the subway.

The Dead also not only allowed but actually fans to tape the concerts, eventually setting up a “taper’s section” for them., author Ken Kesey commented on this phenomena: “[the Dead] weren’t just playing what was on the music sheets, they were playing what was in the air.

When the Dead are at their best, the vibrations that are stirred by the audience is the music that they play.” And if you couldn’t get a ticket to the show?


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