2ne1 dating ban

Me and Minzy's dating ban will be removed next year.We don't go out on variety shows, and we only stand on one stage per week, so we didn't have much of a chance to meet other celebrities.No Privacy "Since we are banned from dating for three years, I will be free from the ban this May.But our president said I could not date even after May." In April, Sandara Park, a member of the girl group 2NE1 appeared on SBS's Kangshimjang and complained that she wasn't allowed to date.

A few days later, a netizen posted a status saying "I saw Dara and Jaejoong together at a coffee shop near our place!If you know Korean can someone translate this so the K-Fans can spread it, too?I saw some fanfiction videos of them after I heard this rumors. Anybody who wants to post their opinions about this rumored couple are welcome here.The episode received attention as girl group KISS, who disappeared after releasing hit track Because I′m a Girl, made an appearance.KISS answered questions about the group′s disbandment after only 5 months and asked Davichi, Sandara Park and other girl group members, “Do agencies still implement dating bans?Since we're always working, we didn't have opportunities to meet new people.We never even had a break since our debut."Dara added, "I kind of pity myself.The Truth about Girl Groups Witnessed in the T-ara Incident "T-ara's problems are not just the problem of a single girl group.Other groups probably have their own conflicts including issues on outcast members.Last year, I had the ban, so I thought, 'I have to listen well to the CEO', but now that it's lifted, it feels even weirder. Even the CEO asked me, 'Shouldn't you have a boyfriend? I wish someone would confidently ask me out."When asked, "Why don't you look around for someone near Thunder? Also, I don't think it's really appropriate to date my brother's friends." This Dominican woman plagiarized 2NE1's I Am The Best and is promoting it as her own work.", she answered, "Even though I asked him if there's anyone good among his friends, he cuts everyone off. Help notify this artist's fans and the people of YG so they can take legal action.


  1. YG Entertainment's rookie boy group iKON opens up about their "dating ban. iKON Describe Their Ambiguous Dating Ban. dating world. Meanwhile, 2NE1.

  2. Lovelydarayang • Sunday, April 13, 2014. Yeah it's Chaerin and Dara. The guys are yg dancers one of them is a kwon twin. Haha.

  3. Ban because dara 2ne1 found its fair. Ideal is overjoyed this adds the fact. Bom, along 2ne1 recentl.

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